Squamous Cell Carcinoma Invasive Features


  • Unlike SCCIS and AKs squamous cell carcinomas tend not to have a distinct or prominent DEJ
  • The focus of the epidermal thickening is from the Stratum Spinosum layer of the epidermis
  • The thickened Stratum Spinosum tends to appear more hyporeflective than normal epidermal keratinocytes owing to the frequency of dysplastic cells


  • Invasion of atypical squamous epidermal keratinocytes through the basal membrane into the dermis layers
  • Migration of the granular cell texture into the mottled collagen
  • Complete absence of the DEJ in the area of invasion
  • Loss of mottled collagen texture and increased hyporeflectivity due to squamous cells


  • Formation of distinct hyperkeratotic plaques of varying thickness are common in invasive SCCs


  • Invasion causing distinct loss of collagen texture and adnexal structures even when partially obscured by shadows cast from overlying keratin plaques


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