Sebaceous Glands

  • Hyporeflective ovoid structures associated with the hair matrix
  • Possess a “hazy” granular texture due to cell aggregations and secretary lumen spaces within the gland tissue
  • Located within the reticular dermis, full gland not usually seen


  • Typically only the upper facing of the gland is seen
  • The “hazy” granular texture of the gland’s cells is often surrounded by a darker hyporeflective border to the surrounding dermal collagen, which also isolates individual lobules of the gland


  • Even if a descending hair cannot be seen, sebaceous glands are identifiable in the dermis by appearing more hyporeflective than their collagenous surroundings and the distinct change in texture


  • In areas such as the cheek and forehead the frequency of sebaceous glands increases leading to the appearance of multiple gland aggregations throughout the scan area


  • In areas where there is a larger tissue fluid content sebaceous glands appear as more hyperreflective structures relative to their surroundings still identifiable by their unique texture

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