Top layer of skin starting at the band of hyperreflectivity Heterogeneous granular texture due to cells with differing intracellular keratin content Thin Stratum Corneum sometimes observed beneath the hyperreflective band caused by surface reflection Thickness changes can be observed in different anatomical regions, hydration states and pathologies

Dermal-Epidermal Junction

Interface of the epidermis and the papillary dermis Identified by dramatic change in contrast or in instances a fine hyporeflective line at the interface DEJ appearance involves Stratum Basale and the Rete pegs The hyporeflective line at the interface differs in prominence between skin and may be entirely absent in some regions In all healthy […]

Papillary Dermis

Hyperreflective mottled layer beneath the DEJ Texture and intensity due to packed collagen bundles with minimal fluid and vessel content Less prominent in aged and sun damaged skin Can appear thinner on various anatomical regions Can be completely absent in heavy sun damage or pathology

Reticular Dermis

Lowest visible layer of follicular skin Hyporeflective mottled texture due to hyperreflective collagen bundles and a high fluid content from tissue fluid perfusion and vessels